Public Great Webinars

October 25, 2012: Transforming Child Welfare Agencies

For too long, child welfare agencies have been hampered by unrealistic expectations and insurmountable backlogs. These capacity problems create a stressful environment that can cause hardworking, dedicated employees to find new jobs, leaving even fewer people to get vital assistance to children. Arizona refused to accept this, and its Child Abuse Investigations Team took on an aggressive renovation project aimed at harnessing the dedication and talents of its employees and putting proper emphasis on investigations, documentation and follow-through, all in an effort to improve child safety. Today, Arizona is on track to reduce the time spent closing child abuse cases from 220 days to 14 days. With representatives from Arizona’s Division of Children, Youth and Families, Bill explores new ways to overcome common problems facing child welfare agencies.

November 19, 2011: Extreme Government Makeover, Part III

In this third and final installment of the Extreme Government Makeover webinar series, Ken Miller discusses what it takes to pull off an extreme makeover in your agency. Where do you start? How do you get people on board? What pitfalls need to be avoided? Ken shares the key ingredients to improve a government operation by 80% in 7 days and discusses how you move from changing a process to changing a culture.

September 28, 2011: Extreme Government Makeover, Part II

In this 90-minute webinar, Ken explores the “mold” in government’s house–the belief system that is robbing public service of its health and vitality. That belief system syas that the problem with government is a people problem. That government employees need to be motivated, incentivized, held accountable or replaced. This moldy thinking has given rise to the miracle cures for government–the magic pills of outsourcing, accountability, and pay-for-performance that are killing public service. In this webinar, we explore an alternative way to get the most out of our people and create a culture that excels at performance.

August 17, 2011: Extreme Government Makeover, Part I

Are you looking for a new way to see the work of government? Or a better way to make that work great? In this webinar, Ken explores new ways to increase government’s capacity to do more good. While discussing his latest book, Extreme Government Makeover, Ken will help you see how government processes become so inefficient and how to start cleaning them up. This presentation focuses on:

  • The one and only thing government needs to focus on to get out of this crisis
  • How to spot the “moldy” thinking that is making us all sick
  • How government can perform its vital functions 80% faster, at less cost, with better quality
  • How to get rid of 40% of your agency’s workload
  • How to find the hidden costs of government
  • What the next generation of customers and employees are going to do to your operations
  • Why technology isn’t the answer